2017 Geneva Motor Show HighLights

Brabus Adventure, full install tow rope.

Aston Martin Vaklkyrie – partnership with Red Bull Concept car for the road. 1 to 1 power ration, awesome sounding v12, defining hyper car of the next generation.

Lambo Performante. +30 hp from standard, small aerodynamic flaps and shit. air flow through he car to aid cornering. Vents underside rear win

AMG GT Concept – 4 Door saloon idea from afterbach. Lines akin to CLS. 4 doors of course. Quick little glimpse.

Mclaren 720S , delivering 720 HP. New Open Headlights to allow air flow.

Alpine A110 – Sold out

New 991.2 GT3 – default with PDK, comes in 6 speed. 4 liter flat six, slightly new design for wing,

Lambo has new R8 V10 motor lambo