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The Best Wireless, Whole House Speaker System for 2018

We’ve spent hundreds of hours over several years testing multiroom wireless speaker systems in every possible room—even outside—and Sonos remains the best option for most homes. It supports the widest variety of streaming services, offers excellent sound quality across its lineup at varying prices, and its apps offer unparalleled ease of use. The competition is catching up, but Sonos still offers the most complete and reliable package overall. The Good: Great sound, affordably priced Sonos Play:1 The Play:1 sounds great on its own and is an affordable entry point to the Sonos system. A pair in stereo mode sounds even better. Bigger, better sound for larger rooms Sonos Play:5 The Sonos Play:5 easily fills large spaces with full-range, detailed sound comparable to nice bookshelf speakers. They also sound great paired. The best part about a multiroom wireless speaker system compared with a series of Bluetooth speakers is that it connects directly to the Internet instead of relying on your phone or computer—this means calls, texts, and other notifications won’t interrupt playback. And you can play different music in different rooms, or group them together, all while maintaining independent volume control on each unit. Sonos has made these setups for longer than anyone, and its experience shows at every level of its product. Sonos’s apps are among the most polished available and offer unified search across every service you subscribe...

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