09.23.2017 – Updated some fonts and colors. Decided to post awesome photos I have from my iPhone 7 Plus for you guys to see. Also kind of make this website like a daily vlog for all things automated.

05.22.2017 – oh, well i decided i wanted a Tesla. Looking into them. Also drove a Honda Pilot Elite 2017 Model. I was mildy impressed with what they call autosteer.

02.09.17 – really just a one man show, i post here on cars i am thinking about getting and doing the research on. join me in helping me decide on the ultimate dream garage for 2017. Most of the postings will be centered around that VLOG life for cars. Mostly focusing on YouTubers doing it big in the car game.

v1.0 – Well that’s it folks. It’s 2017, so I guess we haven’t posted a lot in a while. Eventually I’d hope to make this site into something auto enthusiast can use as a buying or leasing tool for research on the cars they might want to buy.

v0.01 Beta

Autodux is an online ‘E-zine for those who like to Automate their life. We also like to cover helpful things like healthy eating, organic eating, farm to table, fun automobiles, and gadgets that are next level awesome. Thank you for our patience.

Please wait for my article on the 2016 Detroit Auto show.